Targeting Tomorrow is our Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) charter to ensure the social impact objective we launched with remains embedded for years to come. We take a responsible approach to every aspect of our business, including environmental sustainability and  governance standards.

Targeting tomorrow gives us the platform to work with shareholders, tenants and other stakeholders more  effectively than ever to supply care home real estate that delivers tangible results.

Our Substainability Report can be viewed here.

Collaborative approach

Our commitment to a responsible approach means the views of all our stakeholders matter to us, from the direct relationships we have with shareholders and tenants, to the ultimate users of our real estate in residents, care professionals and local communities. We asked stakeholders what their environmental, social  and governance priorities are, and we defined our approach based on feedback. Key feedback was:

  • We are considered to be leaders in social impact and responsible investment, however measurement and reporting thereof is encouraged.
  • We should ensure ESG factors are embedded into our acquisition process and report on that with  quantification if possible.
  • We should continue to be authentic and transparent in our business relationships.
Care home real estate that leads the way

The purpose of our business is to improve the standard of care home real estate, using our influence as a leading investor in the sector to encourage improvements in quality. In turn, our own investment approach will not compromise quality.

Our approach isn’t changing, we will continue to focus on “doing the right thing” led by providing fit-for-purpose real estate for the long term to care providers who share our care ethos and can demonstrate operational capabilities. We support the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (“SDGs”) which our strategy is aligned with. We report in more detail on those SDGs where we can achieve a tangible impact.

ESG as a concept is evolving, and will continue to do so. Reliable and comparable measurement standards   remain elusive in some areas, particularly for social impact which is our core purpose. Our ESG framework has  been developed as a guide to help us deliver and articulate our actions and progress in a fair, balanced and   understandable manner.

The three pillars which govern our approach are below, with the investment and partnerships pillars being those which are most material to our business:



Responsible investment

As an investor we understand that our actions have influence. We use our platform to lead by example through embedding appropriate ESG considerations into our decision- making.

Responsible partnerships

We engage with all our stakeholders to drive the creation of economic, social  and environmental value around our buildings and in wider society.

Responsible business

We will treat all stakeholders with respect and deal fairly in a manner consistent  with how we would expect to be treated ourselves.