Making a real difference to people’s lives

We are driven by our purpose to improve the standard of living for older people in the UK. Target accelerates the improvement  in the physical standards of UK care homes through long-term, responsible investment in modern real estate which delivers our return objectives to shareholders.

We are advocates of the benefits that intelligently designed, purpose-built care homes can bring and we want more residents, care professionals and local communities to benefit from their positive social impact.

What we do

We attract capital to the sector, only investing in the highest quality real estate and ensuring that we get the right tenants.

We provide each tenant with the security of a long lease at a sustainable rent, allowing them to grow and improve their business.

Our Investment Manager is a specialist who understands the operational challenges our tenants face on a daily basis when providing quality care, and is there to help them every step of the way.

To grow a robust portfolio

Sustainable returns

Regular dividends for shareholders

Our focus is on real estate quality and stability for the long-term.from a portfolio management
approach with valued relationships as its core. To manage relationships effectively within a complex sector as a highly engaged landlord.

Our focus is on disciplined & conservative financial and risk
management to deliver earnings supporting quarterly dividends.

Responsible investment underpins our strategy

To achieve our social purpose via responsible & sustainable investment

Our focus is on our social impact, allied with a firm commitment to environmental sustainability and good governance.

How we do it

  • A firm investment approach with a compelling track record on investible care home real estate
  • Detailed bottom-up assessment of real estate and the  characteristics of its local market
  • Experienced & knowledgeable sector experts to assess sustainable rent levels
  • Diversification of portfolio by tenant, geography and end-user payment profile

  • Collaborative approach to working with our tenants, from day one
  • Specialist sector knowledge and insight, sharing of best practice
  • Regular asset visits and frequent dialogue with tenants at  operational and senior management levels
  • Data-led, comprehensive management information collected monthly for each asset

  • Leverage balance sheet strength, enhanced returns from gearing levels appropriate for our long-term commitment to the sector
  • Cost control via operational efficiency with benefits of increasing scale
  • Long income visibility with inflation-linked uplifts
  • Commit to our approach, and understand our influence
  • Learn, reflect, respond to feedback
  • Hold ourselves to the high standards expected of social care responsibility

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