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Newfield Lodge


Completed in late 2012, the home is a very attractive building situated in a quiet and mature residential setting.

Built over two storeys, the home is built on an 'H' footprint with the open courtyard areas being pleasantly landscaped and having the benefit of covered pergolas and raised bed gardens. The home's attractive exterior, combined with the modern, well-appointed interior, should attract a strong proportion of private-pay residents.

The accommodation has 64 single occupancy bedrooms, each with low windowsill heights enabling the residents to enjoy the pleasant outlooks. All bedrooms are ensuite with wet room shower facilities. Each of the home's four wings include a lounge/dining area overlooking the courtyards, a quiet lounge and one or two other 'quiet corners', often with window seats which give residents and visitors scope to find space.

The home also boasts a custom-fitted hairdressing salon along with various office and utility areas including dedicated medication storage.


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